The association Tournefou, according to its cultural vocation, addresses every person from childhood on. Its action is inspired by the conviction that each of these children is the possessor of some artistic talent deep within. As this talent is developed from childhood on, he or she comes to realize the capacity for creation and is permitted to realize a happy experience of work as a source of joy and personal accomplishment, as well as a mean to participate with others in the realization of common both good and beauty. The Academy is registered under the title Youth and Public Education approved by the Youth, Education, and Research French Ministry.
Its head office and local quarters are situated in Champagne, in Aube, 150 kms to the East of Paris : Domaine du Tournefou 4 rue du Tournefou 10190 Pâlis

Elisabeth Toulet, French, professor of letters and graduated in Advanced Studies in Social Practice, was deeply concerned by the existential malaise of so many adolescents.
In her search for opening new ways of schooling, she left teaching in order to consecrate herself to the development of the artistic education of children. She founded the International Theatre Academy for Children in1986, in concert with Theatre de l’Arc en Ciel company.

Christine Saillet, French, cultural animator, and trainer in theatrical expression for children and adults. She has been managing the International Academy  with Elisabeth Toulet since 2004. She is responsible for cooperation with Algeria.

Francis Marques, Portuguese, cultural animator and trainer in theatrical expression for children and adults. He is responsible for the cooperation with Portugal and Angola.

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