Mary Poppins d'après l'œuvre originale de Pamela L. Travers !

CREATION TRAINING 9 to 12 years of age
du 7 au 22 août 2021

FIRST WEEK: getting to know one another, discovering the scenarios, writing, exploring emotions and feelings, distribution of individual roles.

SECOND WEEK: creating the individual character roles, learning the texts, finding the proper tone, the exact gesture, the harmony and rhythm of the scenes. Workshops of bodily expression, choreography and theatre, costumes and scene production.

THIRD WEEK: rehearsing in the theatre; developing emotion, the gesture and the voice to get across the footlights; acting out the spectacle twice before the public.

INITIATION STAGE 9 to 12 years of age

FIRST WEEK: discovering breathing, concentration, stage presence, emotional expression, and playing a character role.

SECOND WEEK: rehearsal in the theatre and two presentations before the public!

STAGEHAND STAGE 13 and 14 years of age
Nous ne savons pas encore s'il y aura un stage régie en 2021

FIRST WEEK: discovering lighting techniques, developing sensitivity to color and light.

SECOND WEEK: assisting the stage manager, helping backstage during rehearsals and performances, learning responsibility for changing props and accessories!

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